Our Mission

At Based Supplements, our mission is to optimize the health of our customers by providing high-quality and effective supplements that transform their ability to perform.

We are committed to offering products that have been shown to provide real and tangible benefits to our customers. We believe that good health is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life, and our goal is to help our customers achieve their health goals, whatever they may be. Whether they are looking to improve their energy levels, boost their immunity, or support their cognitive function, we have a product that can help.

Our team is passionate about health and wellness, and we take pride in offering only the best supplements to our customers. We carefully source our ingredients and rigorously test our products to ensure their purity and effectiveness.Overall, our mission at Based Supplements is to help our customers achieve optimal health by providing them with the best supplements and support on the market. We are dedicated to helping our customers transform their health and live their best lives.

Our Values

Safety and Purity

Safety comes first. Our Shilajit is packaged in a USA based facility and are tested for contaminants such as bacteria and heavy metals. When you consume anything from Based Supplements, you can trust that you are taking the safest and purest supplements on the market. Any supplements that do not meet our strict quality standards are discarded.

The purity of our product is unmatched. Based Shilajit contains no additives and contains the exact dose of each ingredient via our tablet form. Not only do we source the highest quality resin, but they are tested, studied, and proven to lead to noticeable improvements in your everyday life.

Transparency & Our guarantee

Our biggest priority is that our customers know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Based does not hide any ingredients in proprietary blends. The ingredient you see on our labels is the exact active ingredient and dosage contained in our boxes.

Additionally, our company offers a risk-free guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with your Shilajit after 30 days, we will issue you a full refund. This ensures that our customers can try our product with confidence, knowing that they can get their money back if they are not satisfied.

Overall, buying Altai Mountains Shilajit from Based Supplements offers customers the assurance of a high-quality, pure, and effective product, backed by a risk-free guarantee. This sets us apart from other Shilajit brands and makes us the best choice for anyone looking to experience the potential benefits of this unique and powerful substance.

Where Does Based Shilajit Come From?

The journey of our Shilajit, all the way from the Altai Mountains to your home.

harvested by locals in the altai region

Experienced villagers in Kosh-Agach, a large village located at the base of the mountains, harvest our precious substance known as Shilajit. The village of Kosh-Agach is located near an area known for its rich deposits of Shilajit. For centuries, the people of Kosh-Agach have been collecting this black, tar-like substance, which is believed to have a wide range of health benefits.

Afterwards, the Shilajit is brought back to the village, where it is processed and packaged with the utmost care.

Naturally harvested from the pristine altai mountains

Every summer, a group of skilled Shilajit harvesters sets out into the mountains to collect the substance at approximately 49.846206, 87.662596. They are well-trained in the traditional methods of harvesting, passed down from generation to generation, and take great care not to damage the delicate veins of Shilajit running through the mountains.

Altai Mountains Shilajit is recognized as the highest quality Shilajit in the world.

Lab Tested for Safety and purity

From there, it is shipped to our partner in Russia, where it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its purity and safety.

But our commitment to quality doesn't stop there. Once the Shilajit reaches our warehouse in the USA, it is subjected to even more thorough testing by third-party laboratories to ensure that it meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Only after all of these steps have been completed do we package the Shilajit and make it available for sale to the public. We understand that our customers place a great deal of trust in us, and we take that responsibility very seriously. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and purity of our Shilajit, every step of the way.

From the Mountaintop to your table top

Once the process is complete, we provide our Shilajit to our loyal customers. We are proud to have provided the world's highest quality Shilajit to over 1000 customers..

When you choose Based Supplements for your Shilajit needs, you can feel confident that you are getting a top-quality product that has undergone multiple levels of testing and verification.

We are proud to offer our customers the very best Shilajit available, harvested from the rich veins of the Altai Mountains, and we hope you will join us on this journey of natural health and wellness.